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Light a Candle Tonight!

What's your Candle IQ?

Do you love candles and consider yourself something of an expert? Try taking this quiz and see where you rank on our Candle IQ scale.

1. The most popular candle scent is:

2. The safest way to extinguish a candle is to:
Blow forcefully at the base of the flame
Wet your fingers and pinch the wick
Use a candle snuffer
Splash it with water

3. All candle waxes burn cleanly and in essentially the same manner, but which one of these waxes is not often used for scented candles?
Palm wax
Soy wax
Paraffin wax

4. Which of the following candles do NOT need to be trimmed to 1/4" each time before burning?
Jar candles

5. Which of the following well-known designers is associated with a candle line?
Jonathan Adler
Calvin Klein
Michael Aram
Tobi Tobin
All of the above

6. If a candle has a 30-hour burn time, how long can you burn it at one sitting?
A little longer than a day
10 hours
4 hours
What the manufacturer recommends on the label

7. Which of the following candle fragrances is best used at the dinner table if you are serving beef or lamb?
Citrus or lemon
Vanilla or vanilla blend
A "red fruit" scent

8. Secondary ignition can cause a candle fire. Secondary ignition is:
When you accidentally try to light a wick that's already burning
When you have a candle with two wicks
When something other than the wick catches fire [in the wax pool]
When you light a candle for the second time

9. Name the 1984 romantic comedy film that launched the directing career of John Hughes:
Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink
Sixteen Candles
Home Alone

10. Which of the following historical candle statements are true?
Candles were made to indicate the passage of time - candle clocks
Candle makers were known as chandlers
13th century candle makers used left over fats from the kitchen
All of the above

11. Freezing a candle before you use it may result in?
A brighter flame
A stronger fragrance
A cracked candle
A faded candle

12. The best way to burn a candle is:
On a surface that cannot catch fire
Lighting only after reading the safety warnings
Far out of the reach of children and family pets
Using it in the room where you are enjoying it
All of the above

13. Which wick material is never used by US candle manufacturers?
None of the above

14. To what length does the National Candle Association recommend trimming the wick of candle containers before each lighting?
Do not trim

15. When is the best time to extinguish a candle?
When leaving the room for more than a few minutes
When 1/2" of unmelted wax remains in the container
During a child's birthday party
All of the above

16. Which material does not belong in the liquid wax pool?
New wick trimmings
Used match sticks
Used wick trimmings
All of the above

17. Which of the following materials were used to craft candles during Colonial times?
Whale oil
All of the above