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Candles in the Home

Candlelight plays a strong role in bringing key Fall/Winter interior trends home for consumers. As our world continues to be a study of interconnected contrasts, consumers are on a quest to bring in bold modernity to their lives, while seeking the balance and comfort of heritage traditions. Vibrant, colorful candles allow creative self- expression with easy effort, delivering on the need for the new and now through unexpected seasonal hues and palettes, while calming with the luminous welcome of soothing candlelight. Rich emerald, brilliant yellow, royal purple and red candles find their place against neutral gray wall treatments and upholstery. On the opposite spectrum, grayed sorbet-inspired hues offer an alternative approach to candles in quieter settings. Brass and gilt accents and accessories come onto the scene, a luxuriously rich and warm metallic juxtaposition to industrial and artisan pieces. We find prismed and mirrored reflections throughout, amplifying pops of color and candlelight, visually expanding our lives and living spaces. As consumers strive to slow down and appreciate the everyday moments of simple pleasures, they turn to the time-honored ritual of lighting candles. The dreamy golden cast of the flame’s glow is reassuring, blurring the hard lines of our surroundings. Fragranced or unscented, presented as single or multiple points of light, candles continue to be seen as attractive, affordable luxuries by consumers, for personal use and gifting as well.


Fall is the time of year for celebrating the Holidays with family and loved ones. Those close to us open up their homes and welcome us. Family and friends far away are remembered for the memories they have contributed to our lives. What better way to say thank you than with the gift of a candle. Candles are an excellent gift and are a great way to tell someone that you care. Both men and women agree that candles are an always-acceptable and appreciated gift. The wide variety candles in the market make it easy to find the right candle gift for almost anyone. We can always rely on a candle as a gift to be found in a price range we can afford. You have many choices when giving candles as gifts. Many candle companies today use very decorative packaging that makes their offering a ready-made gift. Another option would be to give an assortment of candles in a gift basket. If you choose a basket you can include a nice collection of candle types and a variety of fragrances to truly personalize the thought, while communicating a seasonal greeting that will surely touch someone’s heart.